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Unravel Cyber Secrets with the CyberSpace Sleuths! 🕵️‍♂️🔍

Crack the Codes, Outsmart the Scams!

Each very short book in the series brings a gripping tale packed with puzzles, intrigue, and danger in the digital world. As our young heroes navigate through twisted plots and cunning villains, readers will:

  • Discover the tricks and traps of cyber scams 

  • Learn how to recognize and avoid online threats 

  • Become savvy about safeguarding personal information 


Suitable for children of all ages, these books make for perfect reading material for those eager to learn about cybersecurity in a fun and engaging way. Knowledge is power, and with the CyberSpace Sleuths, your child will be empowered to explore the online world with confidence and caution.


Let’s make cyberspace a safer place, one mystery at a time!

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Join Ellie and Luke, the dynamic 12-year-old detective twins, on a mystery that dives deep into the digital world in "The Case of the Phishy Text." In this action-packed adventure, our friends uncover the sneaky and dark corners of phishing scams. As they outsmart tricky traps with clever thinking and courage, they'll share secrets on how to stay safe while swimming through the online waves.

So grab your spyglass and learn the ultimate tips to internet safety!

Dive into the exciting adventure "The Case of the Weak Passwords," created by the super-cool Cyber Sleuth Twins, Ellie and Luke. These twins may only be twelve, but they're already writing amazing stories! This book isn't just fun—it teaches us how important it is to have strong passwords to protect our online world. Follow Ellie and Luke as they solve the mystery of why we need passwords that are tough to guess. They'll show us that keeping our online secrets safe is not just a good idea—it's super important to outsmart the tricky parts of the internet. So come along and learn how to be a cyber-safety hero with Ellie and Luke's awesome tale!

Weak Passwords cover.png
Social Engineering cover.png

Dive into the riveting world of "Cyber Sleuths: The Twin Hackers" – a mystery that blends an enthralling storyline with a vital lesson in cybersecurity safety. Crafted by the imaginative minds of 12-year-old twins Ellie and Luke, this book isn't just a fiction; it's a thrilling journey into the underbelly of social engineering scams.

Step into the enchanting crossroads where magical worlds and true-life adventures meet in "Guardians of the Game: Ellie & Luke’s Digital Quest." Join the journey full of secrets with 12-year-old twins Ellie and Luke. Dive into a land of majestic dragons and sparkling treasures! But, there's more than just epic fun and games—they'll face a quest that asks them to be brave and reminds them of the power of sticking together.

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Malware Menace Cover.png

Enter the enthralling digital realm with Ellie and Luke, the cyber sleuths twins, in this short children's mystery book about malware. Perfect for young readers with a knack for puzzles and adventures in the cyber world, this gripping tale combines the thrill of detective work with fascinating insights into the misunderstood world of malware.

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